Livia Gutierrez

Advogada Brasileira (OAB São Paulo 300.405)

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Livia Gutierrez

Advogada (RA Bras.)

As a Lawyer registered with the OAB São Paulo Livia Gutierrez has handled a large range of cases and activities in Corporate and Civil Law, and has appropriated experience in the fields of research, assessing and revising the legal, financial and administrational situation of companies in the Brazilian Market and International Cooperations.

She graduated in Law at the Law Faculty of Franca in 2009 and was registered as a lawyer by the OAB São Paulo in 2010.

“The specific role that my profession as an attorney and law professional brings fills me with excitement and at the same time makes me responsive to the responsibilities that come along with it.”

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    Livia has worked as an Associate Lawyer and Non-Equity Partner with several Brazilian law firms.