Business Development

Business Development connecting technology and strategy - Business DevelopmentDevelop your business further and roll out digitally and to new markets

Discovering, assessing and developing potentials and chances in new markets is a key element of every business. Or sometimes there is just a vision which needs specific evaluation.

Acquiring new audiences via digital media, establishing new business units, international roll-outs or completing online communication and presence in order to increase the competitive pressure.

Essential questions for every business developer are: Which potentials for growth and development exist? What are the risks? How can relevant details be gathered, specified and quantified?

Analysis and Strategy: Basis for future growth and Planning ahead

  • Analysis of the initial situation of project and company
  • Converting best practice scenarios to future products and processes
  • Developing products and services to market needs and opportunities
  • Unify online and offline sales units informationally and culturally
  • Know and excel through deep insight into successes, strengths, opportunities, failures, weaknesses, threats
  • Explore markets in depth: Analysis of new or changing market environment

Prepare technology and infrastructure for the next step

  • Development of adapted, and when appropriate, innovative solutions
  • customised to project, company or business model
  • implement required or desired measurements in a competitive and sustainable way
  • Optimal integration into existing market policy and external communication
  • Partner Management: Identify, acquire and steer new strategic partnerships


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