Internationalisation and Localisation

Open new markets through international roll-out - InternationalisierungInternationalisation: Develop new markets

  • Analysis of the new market and environment
  • Assessment of pre-existing strategical approaches for current and future markets
  • Adaption of current product and sales argumentation
  • Transfer to the new market
    • of experience
    • success stories
    • top selling products
    • product and customer segmentation
  • Segmentation of product and audience in new market, adaption of current segments

Enter new markets: International Roll-Out

  • Develop and adjust strategical approach
  • Create a media plan and define measures
    • Webseite, App, Email Marketing, Events and Trade Fairs, Offline and Online Acquisition, Partnerships, Media Mix composition, PR/OnlinePR, Public Relations, Subsidiaries, Recruiting
  • Execution in the target market, up to full local representation (interim)
  • International Online Marketing
  • Research, acquire and manage local partners

Lokalisation: Adjustment to local markets in terms of language, tonality culture and audience targeting

  • Internationalisation of your brand
  • Assessment and evaluation of communication related opportunities and threats of your brand and argumentation
  • Coordination of translation and localisation
  • Cross-border sales management
  • Logistics and evaluation of tailored shipping and storage solutions
  • Local customer service and support handling
  • Main markets of DE, BR, PL. FR and BE, NL, LUX in partnership with Online Business Development


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