SEA – Search Engine Advertising and AdWords

Search engine marketing through paid search ads - SEA SuchmaschinenwerbungIncrease targeted visibility for users’ researches for your brand and products

When it comes to research, purchase decisions and forming an opinion, consumers trust Search Engines.

In order to increase your visibility and presence for your audience, booking text ads on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of Google or Bing is not only a highly relevant and measurable way but even for most business a necessity in order to participate in the market.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is highly versatile and offers broad and extensive means to boost the exposure for your brand, present your offers as a solution for problem based researches and create reach for your products and services. Due to its pricing calculability SEA also qualifies to be regarded as a sales acquisition and lead generation channel that contributes within pre-defined CPA goals.

Planning and Managing SEA Campaigns

  • Definition of overall objectives and measurements
    • Achievement and maximisation of ROI targets
    • Evaluation and targeting of competitive CPC prices
    • Assessment and definition of CPA targets.
  • Analysis of services and products and their structure
  • Optimal campaign structure, ad groups and keyword segmentation
  • Implementing of technological and infrastructural basis for web controlling
    • Implementation of web tracking
    • Creation of customised meaningful reports
    • Evaluation and assessment of objectives and measures
    • Implementation of Bid Management tools
  • Google AdWords certified
  • Google AdWords Display Network

Google AdWords is more than Search Advertising

Google AdWords is good for far more than just text ads on the SERP: With AdWords you can book banners, product widget and rich media ads on a vast multitude of websites: The Google Display Network which is accessible from the AdWords user interface, gives you access to the AdSense publisher inventory and the global DoubleClick Ad Network.

  • User based targeting strategies and Re-Targeting/Re-Marketing
  • Mobile App marketing and promotion

Google AdWords certified’s Rene Wetzel is certified expert for Google AdWords and Google Analytics. In many years as campaign and media sales manager, SEA trainer and advertiser with Google AdWords and Bing Ads he has collected a broad range of experience and expertise.



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